it's all about
the craft

– noun
an art or trade.
an occupation that requires
special skill and dexterity.

to make or manufacture
a product with skill and
careful attention to detail.

To "craft" a product, you need to have a passion for it

Our restaurant

At Fergus & Bix, we believe that to create an exceptional product, you need to love what you're making. Sure, you can find a bite to eat and a beer in most restaurants. But, our food and our service; It’s what we WANT to do, and that makes all the difference in the end product. We have a passion to make great food and great experiences. For that reason, our menu items are hand-crafted in house using carefully selected ingredients from local suppliers that share our values and our staff work hard to provide our guests with only the best in service.

our beers

All the beers we have on tap are selected from craft breweries from our great country. A product of an occupation requiring special skill. Sure, brewing beer is a simple science that requires just four ingredients: Water, Malt Barley, Hops and Yeast, but maybe more importantly it is an art. This is perfectly illustrated when comparing Macro beer to Craft beer. When you completely automate the process the result is a beer that is plain, lifeless and boring. On the contrary, craft beer is the result of passionate craftsmen (and women), designing beers with love, labour and attention to detail. By adding such natural ingredients as raspberries, huckleberries, chocolate and maple syrup for example, the end product is a unique work of art that YOU, the beer drinker, get to enjoy!

Fergus & Bix is very proud to support our Craft Beer producers and local suppliers

Family Friendly Weekends & Holidays: 10am - 3pm
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